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Scott Barnes

Entrepreneur in Residence

About Scott Barnes

Scott is an Entrepreneur in Residence working for Ikove Venture Partners as a Venture Developer. He is actively assisting multiple startups in founding and advisory roles. Prior to Ikove, Scott was General Manager of Sales and Marketing for Bertec (Biomechanics Research Instrumentation, & Balance/Vestibular Rehabilitation). He joined as a Product Manager, launching a clinically focused product line and was instrumental in growing the overall company revenues 4X in just under 8 years of service. Scott has also served several venture backed, high growth companies in executive and key technology roles in the fields of Surgical Simulation, Cyber Security, IT Systems Management, and Engineering Document Management. He received his BS and MS in Mechanical and Engineering Mechanics respectively and did his research work in Biomedical Engineering with a focus on Haptics, all at The Ohio State University.

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