Our Team

Daniel Longhi

Partner/Head of Business Development - Americas

About Daniel Longhi

Daniel is Director & Head of Business Development - Americas at Ikove Capital. Prior to joining Ikove, Daniel was a Senior Portfolio Management Associate at PNC Bank’ $80 billion ALM-Trading Desk and was Director of Capital Formation at GSEG/Focus Hospitality, a vertically integrated real estate group, where he lead a $140 million capital raise and the recapitalization of a new portfolio company.

Additionally, he worked as a Senior Commodity Trader at TMS International Inc. where he enhanced deal growth and trading revenues / volume between TMS’ global partners (Asia and Americas) and was a Mergers & Acquisitions Analyst at the Gerdau Group where, as part of the M&A strategy team, he conducted financial and non-financial due diligence on target companies and carried out quantitative and qualitative analysis to support the integration of two multi- billion dollar acquisitions, capturing $100 million in synergies.

Daniel is also a co-founding partner at Oxford Angel Fund Investors, LLC, a co-invest VC fund of the Oxford Angel Fund which focuses predominantly on early-stage tech startups in the Bay Area, is an equity partner and board member at Chestnut Hill Technologies Inc, and is an advisor to multiple technology companies at various growth stages. He graduated with a degree in Economics from The Ohio State University and holds various certifications / course work in advanced accounting and credit analysis, financial analysis and financial modeling, and valuation.